Oct 19, 2016

Every year locals and visitors alike explore the historic homes of Ypsilanti for the annual Holiday Home Tour. This year the tour will conclude at one of Ypsilanti’s most marvelous historic homes, the Hutchinson Mansion. All the proceeds from the event will benefit Ypsilanti Meals on Wheels — the local chapter of this amazing organization which seeks to deliver meals to the homebound elderly, ill, or disabled residents of the area. Get a unique view of the breathtaking homes in Ypsilanti while supporting a noble cause right before the holidays!


On December 3, guests will enjoy a strolling dinner from some of the finest area restaurants, while viewing the festive holiday decorations of five historic homes. The event will wrap up with an afterglow dessert reception at the iconic Hutchinson Mansion.

Construction on the Hutchinson Mansion began in 1901 as a home for the wife of Shelley Byron Hutchinson. He made his fortune as one of the partners of S&H Green Stamps. The stamps were a pioneer for a retail “reward system”. Certain store-bought items came with a number of S&H Green Stamps. The stamps could then be redeemed for various household items from a catalog or S&H stores. Today, the mansion is a local landmark and is home to High Scope Educational Research Foundation.

There are endless stories behind the historic homes of Ypsilanti. The Ypsilanti Historic District and Historical Society work hard to preserve the architecture and integrity of the city’s rich heritage. The Ypsilanti Holiday Home Tour allows guests the unique opportunity to learn more about the historic homes that line the streets of Ypsilanti. The homeowners are present at the event to provide a wealth of knowledge on the home, its previous inhabitants, and the surrounding area.

While visiting Ypsilanti for the Home Tour, delve further into history by visiting one (or more) of the four local museums — the Ypsilanti Historical Museum, Ypsilanti Automotive Heritage Museum, the Michigan Firehouse Museum, and the Yankee Air Museum. Also consider dining at the oldest restaurant in Ypsilanti, Haab’s. Established in the 1870’s, Haab’s is still a local favorite with homemade recipes and a well-stocked saloon.

Tickets for the 40th Annual Holiday Home Tour can be purchased online. The event will take place on December 3 from 3pm-9pm.

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