Mar 10, 2014

Looking for the perfect Valentine's Day plans? Why not visit Ann Arbor for the weekend or the night? We've outlined some great options to celebrate with your special valentine! 

  1. Stay the night at any of Ann Arbor's great accommodations! For a deal, check out our acccommodation specials.
  2. Make reservations at a romantic restaurant in the Ann Arbor area! 
  3. Enjoy a Victorian Valentine Tea at the historic Kempf House in downtown Ann Arbor.
  4. Join Slurping Turtle for 'Dinner & A Movie'!
  5. See a show at the Ann Arbor Comedy Club! Lynne Koplitz performs February 12, 13 and 14.
  6. Celebrate Friday the 13th with Zingerman's Valentine's Eve, Rum & Chocolate.
  7. Check out opening day at Ann Arbor's newest beer bar, HopCat
  8. Enjoy a 'brewery-style' Valentine's Day at Arbor Brewing Company. Dine on a plate of friend chicken a mug of beer! A small batch of Valentine Day beers will be on hand to order!
  9. For an incredibly unique Valentine's Day, head over to Wurst Bar for The Worst Valentine's Day Ever event!


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