Aug 01, 2013

2013 marks 100 years of University Musical Society performances taking place in Hill Auditorium.  One of the most storied venues in the United States, Hill Auditorium opened on May 14th, 1913.  It was designed by renowned architect Albert Kahn and boasts one of the world's finest acoustical designs.  With a rich history of performances given by the world's top artists, Hill Auditorium is a shinig example of how investment in the arts cultivates a vibrant, engaged community.  To celebrate the 100 years, UMS createad a documentary titled - A Space for Music, A seat for Everyone: 100 Years of UMS in Hill Auditorium.  The documentary synopsis is below.

Hill Auditorium, a building incredible not only due to its rich history and remarkable acoustics but also due to its function as a cultural incubator for the arts community in southeastern Michigan, has united a diverse community of music enthusiasts for 100 years.  Through concert recordings, news articles and anecdotal interviews, this documentary will provide historical context for UMS performances in Hill Auditorium while highlighting the evolving community function of the venue.  

To view the documentary, click here!

To view upcoming UMS performances, click here!

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