Apr 25, 2016

Ann Arbor is excited to welcome alien dinosaurs, water balloon gladiators, and Sluggo to the Ann Arbor Summer Festival. Plan your visit from June 10 – July 3 to experience some of these spectacular spectacles and check out the full schedule for more information about Top of the Park and Mainstage events.

It’s an Alien. It’s a Dinosaur. It’s Both?
June 15 & 16

With a deafening roar, Close Act Theatre brings its visually stunning Sauruses to meander through, and tower above, the festival crowd. The 18-foot tall Sauruses love to interact with the audience, playfully snapping at outreached hands, sweeping their tails, and mischievously sizing up the smaller inhabitants of their eerily soundscaped, surrealistic world.

Hailing from the Netherlands, Close Act Theatre captures our imaginations with its extraordinary animated installations which are maneuvered by the company’s band of stilt walking and dancing acrobats. Stunning audiences at festivals across the world, you’ll love how their surreal street theatre magically transforms Ingalls Mall.

Splish, Splash, Laugh
June 28 & 29

The world famous Acrobuffos clown duo will have you exploding with laughter during their zany and hysterical act aptly titled Waterbombs! Cheer on the audience members who are brave enough to join the fun, don silly gladiator gear, and embrace flying water balloons. With wordless comedy, triumphant music, and nonstop action, this warm-hearted, family-friendly show is never predictable but guaranteed to make you smile. The Acrobuffos have thrilled crowds at festivals in 18 countries and performed on The Letterman Show. Come find out how these clowns have an unmatched chemistry and perfect timing. You may want to pack a towel.

Chalk it Up to a Good Time
Festival Artist-In-Residence

Watch as Ann Arbor’s David Zinn creates original works of trompe l’oeil at various times on the streets and sidewalks around Top of the Park. Be inspired by Zinn’s ability to incorporate 3-D illusions into familiar scenery and have fun searching for his most frequent characters — Sluggo, a bright green monster with stalk eyes and irreverent habits; Philomena, a phlegmatic flying pig; and many entertaining mice. While in town, check out one of Zinn’s permanent installations of Gene Kelly singing in the rain near the Downtown Ann Arbor District Library. Snap a picture as you hang off the lamppost for a unique Ann Arbor experience!

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