Jan 27, 2014

Did you know you can find us on Instagram? We're all over Instagram, mostly thanks to our Ann Arbor fans!

If you #VisitAnnArbor in the comments of your Instagram photos of Ann Arbor, we might re-share them with our thousands of fans!

Thanks to our Instagram Fan @SophieJantz for our story's cover photo of the University of Michigan diag, known to students as the beautiful paths they take to classes!


To give thanks to our fans and share their amazing photography, we have gathered some of our favorite winter photos of Ann Arbor. We know its cold, but check out below -- its also beautiful.




  Thousands of University of Michigan students frequent this building every day.  

    You are looking at the University of Michigan Union.

Thanks to Instagram Fan @Sussh444 for this picture!








     Can you spot 'The Big House'?

  Now this is a sunrise we might just get up for.  

Thanks to Instagram Fan @Schechter206 for this gorgeous pic of Ann Arbor.








     Here's another 'Big House' photo! This one captures the 2014 Bridgestone Winter Classic rink that was built on the field! 

  Thanks to Instagram Fan Ashely Hufford (Girl On the Road).






     The chilly temps in Ann Arbor this winter haven't stopped the University of Michigan buses from running! 

     Thanks to Instagram Fan @RMinch for capturing this picture of campus!








     The sunsets in Ann Arbor can't be missed.  Plus we can't miss the sunsets that feature our favorite colors -- Maize and Blue! 

Thanks to Instagram Fan @UofMichigan for this awesome sunset picture!









     Don't miss downtown Ann Arbor's Main Street when the snow falls.  It's something magical to witness.  

     Thanks to Instagram Fan @Emilytz13 for this enchanting photo!








The perfect picture to end on -- one of the University of Michigan's Law Library.  Magical in its design, it could be the set for any of the Harry Potter movies.  

Don't believe us? Plan a trip to see it yourself!

Thanks to Instagram Fan @Mizzbury for capuring a night time shot of one of our favorite places in Ann Arbor.

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