Mar 04, 2015

Across the United States, food trucks and food carts are popping up all over the place. In Ann Arbor, you don’t have to look far to find our food carts and trucks serving up delicious local food all around downtown Ann Arbor.  

Ann Arbor’s largest concentration of food carts can be found at the intersection of Washington Street and Ashley Street, just one block west of Main Street. Here you’ll happen upon ‘Mark’s Carts’, entering their 5th year. The Mark’s Carts courtyard is the home to six to seven food carts each season. New carts arrive each year as many former carts have established year-round spaces due to the success of their carts during the spring and summer! The Mark’s Carts courtyard has picnic tables so you can dine with new friends or pop over to Bill’s Beer Garden located just next door to enjoy a cool beverage with your meal.  Bill’s Beer Garden is typically open from 6pm – 11pm, but be sure to check their site for up to date hours. 

Carts that you'll find in the Mark's Carts Courtyard this year include...

El Manantial: El Manantial serves authentic Mexican. Their tortas, burritos, quesadillas and tacos are so delicious! 

Revive: This will be the first full season for Revive, a campus area grocery shop and deli. They offer soups and fresh, made-to-order salads and wraps.

Old Carolina Barbecue: This barbecue restaurant opened its first restaurant in Ann Arbor last year, and opened its cart soon after. Barbecued meat sandwiches, sides and french fries are on the menu.

Great Grilled Sandwiches: At Great Grilled Sandwiches, enjoy triple-layer grilled cheese sandwiches with chicken and vegetable options.

Xdelica: Check out Xdelica for the most delicious chicken and vegetable dumplings.

Simply Spanish: Look no further for traditional Spanish tapas, sandwiches and paella at Simply Spanish.

Hut-K Chaat:  Hut-K Chaat serves up nutritious and delicious - or "nutrilicious" is how the food at this Indian food cart is described. 

Mark's Carts opens up on April 1! We'll see you there.


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