Feb 07, 2014

Dexter is a quaint yet rapidly growing community, located 10 miles northwest of Ann Arbor.  Home to the Dexter Cider Mill, Mill Creek Park and Hudson Mills Metropark, Dexter is an ideal area to enjoy the beautiful Michigan outdoors.  Perfect for any season, stroll Dexter’s downtown, wander the parks, and bike the border-to-border trail along the Huron River to the Hudson Mills Metropark.  Dexter also is home to the newest Jolly Pumpkin establishment – null Café and Taproom, attached to the new 70,000-square-foot Northern United Brewing Co. brewing facility. Or check out Dexter's newest beer and wine shop - The Beer Grotto.  You can also catch a live performance at The Encore Musical Theatre, locally known for excellent musicals. 

Dexter hosts numerous summer and fall events, some you won’t want to miss include; Dexter Daze, Apple Daze, Civil War Days, Summer Series Friday concerts and the Dexter Memorial Day Parade.

Day Trip Itinerary

If you choose for visit Dexter for just a day, here is what we suggest.

  1. Visit downtown Dexter! Make a stop at the Dexter Bakery, for unbelievably tasty baked goods.
  2. Explore the outdoors at Mill Creek Park and stroll, bike or run the border-to-border trail that runs parallel to the Huron River.
  3. Check out Dexter's newest beer and wine shop! The Beer Grotto is the perfect spot to sample craft beers and boutique wines!

Weekend Trip Itinerary

If you choose to visit Dexter for the weekend, here is what we suggest in addition to the activities listed above. (For accommodations, click here!)

  1. Staying at an accommodation on the westside of Ann Arbor will put you just 15 minutes away from Dexter.  Two accommodations on the westside of Ann Arbor include Weber's Inn or The Clarion Hotel.
  2. Plan your trip for the weekend of a festival.  This way you’ll have time to enjoy the festival and everything else that Dexter has to offer! For more information about Dexter events, visit DexterChamber.org.  Below you’ll find a list of Dexter's annual festivals.
  3. Catch a show at the Encore Musical Theatre.
  4. Visit the Dexter Cider Mill, located right along the bank of the Huron River for delicious fall treats and views.

Don’t miss these events –

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