Sep 25, 2015

If you’ve been to Ann Arbor before, you may have noticed the many exhibits highlighting historically significant places in Tree Town.  The historical markers are located all over the downtown area — from Depot Street to the Stadium Area, and from Kerrytown to South University. 

Interested in our area’s German immigrants’ influence on city identity? Ann Arbor’s part in the Underground Railroad? The evolution of the artistic Kerrytown district?  You’ll love these exhibits, which comprise a historical walking tour of much of the downtown Ann Arbor area.

On November 10th, the final exhibits in the program will be dedicated after their installation on the corner of North University and South State Streets.  Rounding out the program will be exhibits in this location, featuring Ann Arbor’s long history of booksellers and music, as well as a tribute to Drake’s Sandwich Shop.

Visit for more information on the Historical Street Exhibit Program, and to view a map and descriptions of the exhibits.

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