Oct 15, 2013

The City of Ann Arbor and its partners announce Canoe Imagine Art, a city-wide celebration of the Huron River.  

About the Project:

In 2011 a small group of community enthusiasts gathered over coffee to brainstorm how 30 canoes could be recycled into an art project.  As time passed, the concept that is presented as Canoe Imagine Art evolved as first a visual art project, and secondly and with equal importance, an opportunity for the whole community to celebrate our beautiful river and use the theme to teach history, art,  storytelling as well as create a stellar artistic recycling project. Events are in nascent stages and will be developed throughout fall 2013.

Canoe Imagine Art will:

Celebrate with a display of repurposing aluminum canoes that are original works of art created by ten professional artists and an additional 20 works created by community groups

Teach about the history of the river as a natural resource to the city, during the Walks n’ Talks educational tours of the river area—covering topics like, the mills, Native Americans in the region, the growth of the neighborhoods, & water resources

Witness our community coming together with collaboration between nonprofits and businesses as they participate with their own events and products and promotions that celebrate water, the river, arts and more

Welcome visitors to the city and downtown and actively engage them with this exhibition and all related activity/events during the 4 month period.


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