Apr 01, 2015

To parents of University of Michigan students, commencement is every bit as big of a deal as it is to their soon-to-be graduates. This year, make your commencement visit to Ann Arbor the best it can be by following these easy tips!

Swing by Zingerman’s for an early lunch

We know you’re going to want one last J.J’s Pastrami Special before your student leaves Ann Arbor for good, but keep in mind that so will everyone else. Get to the Zingerman’s Deli before noon to avoid the notorious commencement weekend hour-and-a-half wait. 

Use public transit

Despite the size of the University, Ann Arbor is still a small to mid-size city with small to mid-size parking facilities, which is something that we are just need to keep in mind every football and commencement weekend. As an alternative to the stand-still congestion that afflicts State Street and Main Street every May, the AAATA bus system (The Ride) will take you where you need to go hassle free! For the more actively inclined, try out the newly minted ArborBike bike share program to seamlessly get from place to place. Park and Ride services are also available, where you can park outside of downtown and take the AAATA buses into town.

Catch a baseball or softball game

If you bleed Maize and Blue, don’t miss your chance to cheer the Wolverines on in the Ray Fisher Stadium one last time! There are home games scheduled for May 1st and 2nd.

Make reservations for dinner

You might have already figured this one out but there are a lot of students at the University of Michigan, and they all want to eat dinner with their families. Make reservations well in advance to avoid the disappointment of eating take out in your hotel (although that could be fun)!

Bring tissues

This is a big day for everyone! Your child is graduating from college, and you will no longer have an excuse for a weekend visit just to bring home your weight in Ann Arbor cuisine. But remember that although school may be over, this city isn’t going anywhere! Don’t be a stranger, parents.

*Photo credit to @uofmichigan on Instagram!

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