Look What Landed at LSNC

Nov 01, 2017

Look what landed at Leslie Science & Nature Center! Three new birds were recently acquired from a local rehabilitation facility: an american kestrel, red-tailed hawk, and a red phase eastern screech owl! We are excited to have these new educators on our team and are already working with them in programming.

Did you know, you can book a Hunters of the Sky or Understanding Owls program for your local community center, church, scout troop or school and we will bring our feathered ambassadors to your site? We actually have nine different outreach programs, several featuring our raptors. You can also visit us and experience the raptors in more depth, with programs like our upcoming Owl Prowl program, Nov 17th for adults and Nov 18th for families.

For over 30 years, Leslie Science & Nature Center (LSNC) has encouraged individuals and families in Southeast Michigan to discover their natural world and explore the many ways they can enjoy and protect it. We work to enable individuals and communities throughout Southeastern Michigan to establish lifelong connections with the natural world and encourage efforts to support and protect it for future generations.

LSNC challenges visitors and program participants to become scientists, engineers, and artists by noticing details, exploring creatively, and questioning their assumptions. Through sensory-based experiences and close encounters with nature, LSNC challenges people to find their place in the cycles and systems of the natural world.

LSNC consists of 50 acres of ponds, woods, and field with raptor enclosures, indoor classrooms with live animals, outdoor spaces for play and learning, and an expert staff of interpreters and educators. The one-mile trail through the Black Pond Woods allows guests to explore the plants and animals of the forest. The raptors (all of whom has suffered a permanent injury that makes it impossible for it to survive in the wild) are housed outdoors, and visitors can visit them in their enclosures 365 days a year. As avian ambassadors, they help educate people about their natural history and issues facing raptors today.

The Critter House is home to many species native to the region and is a great way to get up close and personal with a range of animals while helping kids develop an appreciation for the incredible diversity of the natural world.  Our site is free and open to the public during daylight hours, and we welcome our community to come take walks with their families, visit our raptors and otherwise enjoy our site. We hope you will come visit us, and explore our website, www.lesliesnc.org,  for programs taking place throughout the year!

Photos: School Program Manager, MacKenzie Maxwell, with our newest red phase eastern screech owl; Wildlife & Schools Program Director, David Clipner, with our newest red-tail hawk.

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Wonderful birds!  I am looking forward to visiting after I relocate to my home state.  I have two wonderful parrots, one is 24 years old now, the other, almost 12.  They are my reasons to get up in the morning and are the best companions I have ever had.  Thanks for doing all that you do.  Leah

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