Egg-cited for Yolk!

Nov 04, 2015

Over easy puns aside … there is something delightful about breaking the yolk on an immaculately prepared egg. From sunny-side up to perfectly poached — order one of these delicious culinary works of art during your next visit to Ann Arbor.

FRITA (CUBAN BURGER):  Frita Batidos
Inspired by Cuban street food, the Frita at Frita Batidos can be prepared 78,125 different ways (according to our abacus). But true believers always order it with a sunny-side up egg because messy is best.

Included in this classic presentation of a Caesar salad is a farm egg — a sous-vide egg breaded and deep-fried similar to a Scotch egg. Once cracked, the yolk blends with the rest of the salad for a reinterpretation of Caesar dressing.

TONKOTSU: Slurping Turtle
One of four great noodle dishes at Slurping Turtle, Tonkotsu comes with a molten egg — but you can add one to any of the dishes. Poached and then sliced in half, you may want to ask for an extra if you’re sharing the ramen but don’t want to share the egg.

When looking for that perfect brunch spot, consider LENA for the Spanish Benedict. The two poached eggs pair amazingly well with the corn cakes on which they’re served. The entire dish is finished with a roasted red pepper béarnaise sauce.

Photo courtesy of Scot Spellman.

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