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May 18, 2018
This article is from 2016, but still has some great ideas for ways to experience Ypsilanti! For updated event dates, click HERE.  Public murals are becoming increasingly popular in Ypsilanti, Michigan – but some of our sculptures and statues have been around for nearly a century! Take ... Read more and see comments!

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May 16, 2018
If you love classic cars, motorcycles, and automotive history, Ypsilanti is the place for you! Located 36 miles away from Detroit, the city of Ypsilanti has a rich history of rear-engines, hatchbacks, hardtops, and more. Keep reading to learn about ways you can worship automotive heritage in Ypsilanti, ... Read more and see comments!

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May 16, 2018
Gone are the days when eating vegan meant you could only go to that one salad bar where they make you take off your shoes and cleanse your aura before you eat. Veganism is on the rise, with one report from research firm GlobalData indicating a 600% increase in people identifying as vegan in the U.S. ... Read more and see comments!

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May 14, 2018
Ask any local or University of Michigan alum - you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more exciting, beautiful place to spend summer days and nights than the Ann Arbor area. In June, you’ll enjoy celebrations of books, culinary delights, music, African-American heritage, film, environmental stewardship, ... Read more and see comments!

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Apr 30, 2018
Years ago, when the bookselling industry began experiencing seismic shifts – which can be summed up in two words: Amazon and e-books – bookstores of all sizes faced a dark night of the soul. How might they adapt and find a way to survive in this brave new world? Many found that they ... Read more and see comments!

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