Ann Arbor's environmentally conscious initiatives, such as energy-efficient vehicles & green-certified hotels, have led it to be named one of America's 50 Greenest Cities. In 2018, Ann Arbor was named Michigan's 4th Greenest City by Insurify.

More than half of the Ann Arbor Transportation Authority's (AATA) bus fleet runs on hybrid technology. An all-new fleet of Michigan Flyer luxury motorcoaches comprises near-zero emissions vehicles. All of our downtown lights are LED, which are more energy-efficient and produce far less CO2 than traditional street lighting. And, many of the hotels in the Ann Arbor area boast "green" certification — so you know that your stay with us won't increase your carbon footprint.


  • Public transportation on hybrid buses
  • Low-emissions luxury motor coaches
  • LED downtown street lights
  • Green lodging certified hotels


From emissions control to energy efficiency to overall environmental stewardship, Ann Arbor is dedicated to leading the charge on the national stage. That dedication was rewarded when Popular Science named Ann Arbor one of "America's 50 Greenest Cities."

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