‘The Puck Drops Here’ FAQs

Q. Are there any hotel rooms available?
A. We are updating availability here; however, we recommend you call the hotel directly versus using an online booking agent this close to the event.

Q. Where is the 'Puck Drops Here' New Year's Eve event going to occur?
A. Downtown Ann Arbor on Main Street between Huron and William. The stage will be at the corner of Washington and Main Street. The Puck will be near William and Main Street.

Q. What roads will be closed on New Year's Eve?
A. Main Street between Huron and William, Washington between Ashley and Fourth, and Liberty between Ashley and Fourth. Access to the Washington and Fourth Parking Structure will remain availabile.

Q. Are there any special shuttle services available for the night?
A. Yes! Golden Limousine is offering a "Puck Stop Shuttle" service from three central locations around town. Click here for complete details.

Q. How do I get access to one of the warming tents?
A. The warming tents will be available to guests on a rotating basis. The goal is to give everyone who needs to thaw their fingers and toes the opportunity to warm up.

Q. I'm looking for a restaurant for New Year's Eve. Who will be open?
A. Most places are open on New Year's Eve, but you can find a list of dining packages and specials here. We've done our best to collect details from all of the area businesses, but we encourage you to also look at our full listings for additional options.

Q. I'm looking for information about the 2014 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic. Where can I find that?
A. Click here to open the NHL site dedicated to the Winter Classic with fan guides, parking and transportation information, and event details.